Your new payment remote control

Link all your accounts

Customers can link as many accounts in different banks to their Payattitude Digital app.

Collections with Phone Number

Offerings, tithes and contributions can now be collected easily with just a number

ATM withdrawal with phone number

Send friends, family and staff to withdraw cash at the ATM with just a phone number

Send payment request

Request for payment/transfer from family and friends using just phone number.

receive payment request

Receive and securely authorize payment/transfer request from friends and family from your mobile phone.

Secure transactions

Perform highly secure online transactions with your phone number and a 6 digit PIN

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Payattitude Digital in Action.

Do more with your mobile phone

Use phone as POS

Businesses that cannot afford to incur additional costs of POS have the opportunity to use their mobile phones as POS with PayAttitude Digital app installed on their devices.

Cash withdrawal and Deposit

Cash withdrawal & deposit with your phone number at any of our experience centers or Agents.

Receive Payment, confirm payment

Subscribers can receive and securely authorize payment/transfer request from friends and family on their mobile phones using a secured PIN.

Approve Transactions on the go

Approve online transactions and ATM cash withdrawals from anywhere you are just with your phone number. This is now your new financial payments remote control.

Digital receipts

Get accurate and detailed digital receipts for every transactions to help keep track of your spending

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