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Value Innovations

PayAttitude® has the following exceptional value propositions:

1. 100% Successful Transactions at POS: A major feature of PayAttitude® is the Plus functionality which guarantees subscribers the confidence and comfort of successful proximity/contactless payment for goods and services at merchant locations at all times notwithstanding problems or challenges of telecommunication or unavailability of network of the merchant’s bank/Acquirer or the customer/subscriber’s bank/Issuer. Such transactions are authorised offline up to the value of Plus functionality that the customer/subscriber subscribed to with the Bank or Issuer.

The benefits will be:

Holders: All transactions will be successful.

2. Instant Issuance: Can be issued instantly at bank branches and agent locations.

3. Chip+Pin: Protects Issuers and Holders against fraud and unauthorised usage.

4. Convenience & Lifestyle: Delivered on mobile phone handset, it suits the lifestyle of mobile phone users and is convenient for retail transactions by tapping the phone against the PoS terminal.

5. MNO Neutrality: Can be used on any mobile phone network

6. Handset Neutrality: can be used on any mobile phone handset. The handset is automatically converted to NFC compatibility.

7. Interoperability: It can be used across different bank platforms and agents leveraging the switching and shared service capabilities of Unified Payments.