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PayAttitude ® is an NFC-based tag type solution that converts the mobile phone handset of the subscriber into a payment tool for Proximity/Contactless Trasactions or Distance/Remote Transactions or Both.

PayAttitude ® Premium can be linked to the subscriber/customer’s multiple accounts in same or multiple institutions for both (i) Proximity/Contactless payments (ii) Remote/Distant and (iii) Secure Transactions by holder or through Third Party.

It is a solution built around the holder’s lifestyle as it combines the functionalities of the regular electronic payment Card, Mobile Banking and Mobile Money under a unified platform, the mobile phone.

General Features

  • Independent of Mobile Network Operator
  • Works on all type of GSM handsets
  • Issued instantly upon holder’s requests
  • Protected with a Personal Identification Number
  • Quickest transaction Turn Around Time
  • Makes use of NFC technology for contactless payments